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My 6 year old bag of polyester pellets

A number of years ago, I bought a big bag of poly-pellets, which are basically little plastic beads used for stuffing dolls.  I found it at my local craft store and thought it’d be fun to incorporate them into my amigurumis.  I used them in the bodies of a few of my dolls, but the whole bag just ended up sitting in a box untouched since then. Well, a few weeks ago I came across that bag and started brainstorming some design ideas that would make use of those poly-pellets!  Thus my beanbag buddy idea was born.  I wanted to make something small and unique, something that could  sit on a desktop or shelf and just add a pop of cuteness.  A little beanbag doll seemed ideal – they are all nice and stable from the heaviness of the pellets.

Violet the Kitty is my first beanbag creation.  She’s made a very soft worsted weight yarn I am very pleased with the color combination here.  I like to choose colors that you might not think to put together, just to make things interesting. I toyed with the idea of making these “buddies” with no limbs, which I think would look good too.  But the little arms and feet look so cute that I had to include them.


Side view

Bottom view

After Violet, I just had to add some colorful friends for her, so I came up with these:







My final beanbag buddy turned out to this baby owl.  I’ve always wanted to make an owl, but there are already so many out there, I wasn’t sure if I could come up with a fresh version of one.  I was amazed at all the positive feedback I got for this simple little design!  It’s such cute little character and such a fun little project that I’ve decided to release this pattern for FREE!  There are endless color combinations and designs that can be incorporated into this pattern! I hope you all remember to post pictures of your owl creations on my Facebook page because I can’t wait to see all the creativity out there!!

As always, thank you so much for your interest, love, and support! I am constantly amazed by all the fantastic creations I see from you all and I am honored and thrilled that so many people seem to like my work!  Happy crocheting!




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