A good friend came to me earlier in the year and requested I make a few amis for him to give as Christmas presents to his nieces and nephews.  He was hoping to give them each an animal that represented the Asian Zodiac year in which they were born.  A Tiger, a Dragon, and an Ox/Cow.   It’s been my plan all along to one day crochet all the animals of the Zodiac, so what better way to get started, right? Well, I already had a Cow pattern I could use (Clarence), but I had yet to make a tiger and a dragon.  Well, after many months, I have finally completed the second animal, the tiger!  I am quite proud of my little Cubby.  There are already many tiger patterns out there, but I really wanted to make my own Little Muggle-style version of one. (Someone once used the term “muggle-fy”, which I love!)   It took me almost as long to write up the pattern as it took for me to crochet the doll!! This past summer has been quite hectic, so my apologies for the lull in new doll production.  I hope to be more productive this fall!  Anyhow,  here are a few shots of my  tiger.  He’s a shy little guy who enjoys quiet afternoons in the sunshine.  Enjoy!!


IMG_5818 - Version 2


Gazing out a window…I wonder what he’s thinking?

By the way, my WIP for now is the Dragon.  I’d say he’s about 40% complete.  I am re-working my Spike doll, which I never formally wrote up a pattern for.  Keep your eyes out for dragon updates on my Facebook page! I know there are people eager for his pattern so I’ll try to work quickly for you all!

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