Wow, I can’t believe the year is ending once again.  The weather is getting cooler and I find myself needing to grab an extra blanket before going to bed!  It’s been quite some time since my last post and I apologize for that!  Ever since school has started for my little ones, it’s been one thing after another and my crochet projects have unfortunately been pushed down my priority list!  But I have finally finished writing up another pattern – meet Stanley the Giraffe!  Yes, he’s a bit out of his usual element here…I couldn’t find a nice patch of African savannah to use as a background, so the trees in my yard will have to do! 🙂   There are exciting things in store for Stanley!  He’s about to be shipped overseas to join a few of his Little Muggles siblings in Belgium.  hint, hint! Can you figure out what’s happening to him?  If not, you will soon find out..just keep following me on Facebook and there will be an announcement about his adventures soon!  In the meantime, you can find my Stanley pattern in my ETSY and CRAFTSY shops!

Bon voyage, Stanley!

Bon voyage, Stanley!

It was quite fun making Stanley.  I really enjoyed the feedback I got from you guys when I put some work in progress pictures on my Facebook page!    I will try to do more of that from now on.  You guys can help direct the final look of my dolls… 🙂  If you remember, I was considering making this giraffe with brown ears versus yellow.  Ultimately I chose yellow because I felt that the brown made his head look more like a cow.  I also loved the suggestions to keep one ear brown and one yellow! I would love to see someone send me their finished doll with that look! How whimsical!

Brown or yellow ear? Thin or thick horn?

Like all of my other dolls, Stanley is a pretty simple project that even beginners can try their hand at!   There are no complicated stitches or steps. Everything is fairly basic and there are minimal materials required.   When made with the my go-to yarn (Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice) and my suggested crochet hook size, Stanley is about 10″ tall when seated.  (not including his horns)  Anybody can make their own little Stanley for themselves!

IMG_3114 - Version 2 copy

A look at his spots

Since I have to send Stanley off to Belgium soon, I wanted to make another giraffe to have for my own.   I thought it would be fun to make it pink!  I am happy with how she came out, and I liked adding the bow around her neck.

My girly giraffe

My girly giraffe

Speaking of accessories, you have no idea how difficult it was for me to make the tie around Stanley’s neck!! Unlike some gals I know, I never really learned how to tie a necktie properly, and I really wanted this one to look crisp and perfect.  Of course I turned to Google and I was astounded by all the different ways to tie a tie!  After much trial and error (Windsor knot! Half Windsor knot! Prince Albert knot! Simple knot!), I decided to go with the Pratt knot.  I like the little dimple under the knot and it looks clean and neat.  I still haven’t memorized how to tie this particular knot but I bookmarked the site I found and will be sure to try it on my husband one day!

Pratt Knot

Pratt Knot

Stanley's tie

Stanley’s tie










By the way, this has been an exciting week for my Facebook page because I’ve reached the goal of getting 5000 likes!!!  I had no idea that my little page would ever become as popular as it has!  Of course I intend to keep up the designs so my new goal is now 10,000! 🙂 Spreading the hobby of amigurumi has been amazingly fun!  Thank you everyone,  for your all of your support!


0 XOXO!!



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4 Responses to Stanley the Giraffe

  1. Theresa says:

    Another really cute pattern. I hope he enjoys Belgium where I am guessing he’s meeting up with a few friends.

  2. Francesca Kelley says:

    You are very talented. Being able to sketch something and create it through crochet. Awesome.

  3. vivian says:

    May I know what kind of wool you used for the pink giraffe?

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