Due to the encouragement and urging of my husband, I decided to enter a couple of my dolls in the County Fair this year!  I was limited to only 2 entries, so it took me a while to decide which of my dolls to choose.  The easier decision was my cow doll – he seemed a fitting choice considering all the animals that can be found at a fair!  Ultimately I chose my Fuji Bear to accompany him, since they are both part of the same collection.  I figured they’d look nice together in the display case.  I drove over the fairground on the indicated date to drop them off and drove away thinking how cool it would be to win a ribbon of any kind!

It’s really fun because no one tells you that you won anything…no emails, letters, phone calls!  You just go to the fair and find your stuff and keep your fingers crossed that there will be a ribbon hanging somewhere on your entry!  To my surprise and complete delight, both of my creations ended up taking 1st and 2nd place in the Crochet (non apparel) Category! My Clarence Cow doll even took home a special award ribbon with an extra $25 bonus! I am so honored and thrilled to have received these awards!

Winning Friends!

One of the display cases in the fair

Here is the third place winner, a fantastic basket of “Noah’s Ark” animals!   I can see all the work and love that was put into this project!

Noah’s Ark entry

I will be sure to enter again next year, and will probably set the bar higher for myself by entering into the State Fair too!  I hear the ribbons in that fair are a lot fancier! 🙂 My husband wants me to start thinking of what I’m going to enter but I have plenty of time and PLENTY of other projects to think about first!  There are many, many ideas all lined up in my head.. So many projects, so little time! haha  I’m just happy that I can now claim I’ve made prize winning dolls! 🙂  Have a great day, everyone! Talk to you soon!

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