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Happy Holidays 2013!!

 Well, it’s hard to believe that another year is winding down once again! Why does it seem like each year goes more quickly than the last?  It must be the hourglass effect…maybe I feel this way because I’m getting older and older.  My birthday is later this month and it’s a milestone birthday. I will politely neglect to share exactly which one but it’s a milestone nonetheless. 🙂   I might joke about not wanting to get older, but I am truly grateful to be here for each new year.  There have been quite a number of very memorable amigurumi moments for me in 2013.   I completed a bunch of new dolls this year, including some freebies for you all!  I can’t believe how popular my little baby owl design has been!  Thank you to everyone for all the amazing pictures of all your baby owls that you’ve sent to me! Here are just a few of the beauties from you!

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Another great 2013 moment was when my Humphrey the Elephant pattern was published in “Zoomigurumi 2!”  Both the first and second books are doing well on and both have been translated into Dutch and is currently being sold in stores in the Netherlands!  Isn’t that fabulous??  AND there definitely is a Zoomigurumi 3 in the works! Expect it to be available sometime in the spring of 2014!  Keep an eye out for some more Little Muggles contributions!  🙂

This was also the first year that I entered a couple of my dolls into the County Fair!  What a fun experience that was!  I’ll be sure to enter again next year.  I’ll have to start thinking of what to make starting in January.

Winning Friends!

Winning Friends!

For now, I’m actually getting ready to embark on a transPacific trip with my family of 5, along with my husband’s extended family as well!  We’ll be traveling to Asia and won’t return until 2014!  This will be quite an adventure, especially since there will be 5 kids under the age of 9 to handle!  Wish me luck! I might be returning without my sanity.  This will be the first time that I bring along my crochet supplies on a trip.  I’m going to try to make some things on the plane ride itself (if my hooks don’t get confiscated).  Maybe I’m being over ambitious.  I’ll most likely be sitting between 2 young children.  I’ll be lucky if my yarn doesn’t get thrown up on.  Hmmm not a pleasant image, is it? Maybe I’ll pack my stuff in my suitcase and crochet at my destination instead…haha!

Well, thank you to everyone who has been following me this year!! I do plan to make some new and exciting freebies for you all in the new year!  I’ll try to keep coming up with new characters for all of you to enjoy!  Happy, Happy Holidays to you all and I wish everyone a fantastic New Year!!!






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