Lately, I’ve been inspired to crochet things in autumn colors, just because the calendar tells me that fall is here!  Weather-wise, it’s still pretty warm where I live, so it does feel kind of weird for me to wrap my animals in scarves and hats…  like this little guy I finished recently.  Believe it or not, he started out as a squirrel, but part way through, I decided he didn’t look squirrelly enough and I turned him into a bear.  I was going to get all ambitious and try to make an awesome furry tail out of eyelash yarn, but I guess that’s a project for another day!  I was also going to make him a warm, cozy scarf for his neck, but my attempts were not satisfying and I’ve decided he shall go without.  A hat and boots will suffice!

On a side note, hooray!! The ZOOMIGURUMI book is going to be published!! I am thrilled at the speed of which the $7500 goal was met!  You amigurumi enthusiasts are awesome!! I cannot wait to hold this book in my hands.  I have such high hopes that this book will be a huge success and will continue to sell loads online and in craft stores!  I bet all the contributing designers are going to bed tonight with big smiles on their faces!!  And of course the biggest smile belongs to the lady behind!  All her hard work is going to pay off!

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