Ok, so I started something really ambitious for myself.. I am attempting to make a small collection of dolls with a theme!  It all started with a little dog doll that I made, who I dressed in a cute little apple sweater.  The colors reminded me a little bit of Autumn and I thought it would be cute to add a backpack, since Autumn makes me think of the first day of school.  And wouldn’t it be fun to make a bunch of “friends” for this dog (who shall be named Fuji, after my favorite apple)?   So I am planning to give Fuji 3 best friends to hang out with.  I’ve finished the first friend, a sassy little cat named “Neko”.  I’m just starting on the next friend but it’s in it’s early stages so I won’t give anything away quite yet.   I am trying to make each doll with bright, eye-catching color combinations.  I also want to add a whimsical element to each one. (ie.. apple, flower..)   I haven’t officially written up the patterns to these yet.  I think I will wait until I have completed the collection.  I was hoping to finish everything by the end of August but that might not happen because there’s lots to do this month! Exciting stuff!  I will share more soon! 🙂



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  1. amy says:

    Thank you for your interest! The patterns are available for sale in my Etsy and Craftsy shops!

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